Classic Beer MAHOU – Tin 33 cl

Classic Beer MAHOU – Tin 33 cl


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Malta Careful selection of barley varieties and control of the malting process. Pilsen malt is used, of a low roast, which provides the color and aromas of cereal. Hops Combination of bitter and semi-aromatic hop varieties of European origin, which provides the elegant bitterness and delicate floral aromas characteristic of classic Mahou. The yeast, during fermentation, produces the fruity aromas that characterize the flavor. Water like that of Madrid, with the level of mineral salts optimized to extract and enhance the aromas and flavors of all raw materials. Pairing The soft notes and refreshing bitterness of the beer complement very well the dishes of light meats (chicken, turkey) with vegetables, pineapple and nuts because it also contrasts with the sweet taste of those accompaniments. Grilled seafood, pickles (anchovies with anchovy in vinegar, gildas, pickled mussels ..), Thai / Asian cuisine in general, paired well with tomato sauce, Andalusian cuisine (marinated,…). Alcohol percentage: 4.8%


Water, Barley Malt, Corn, Hops


33 cl can

Prepared by:

MAHOU. Madrid (Spain).


Weight 0,409 kg


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