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We ship throughout the European Union by UPS, GLS, SEUR, etc. (depending on the country, dimensions and weight).

Shipping costs will be calculated before payment is made. These costs are calculated depending on the destination country and weight.

Zona 1: Germany, France (Corsica +10€)

Weight (KG)  Price (euros)
Up to 5 KG 14 ➡ 11,2
Up to 15 KG 20 ➡ 16
Up to 25KG 25 ➡ 20

Zone 2: Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg

Weight (KG)  Price (euros)
Up to 10 KG 20
Up to 25KG 30

Zone 3: Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia

Weight (KG)  Price (euros)
Up to 10 KG 30
Up to 20 KG 38
Up to 25KG 52

Zone 4: Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland

Weight (KG)  Price (euros)
Up to 5 KG 35
Up to 15 KG 40
Up to 25KG 50

Zone 5: Denmark

Weight (KG)  Price (euros)
Up to 10 KG 30 ➡ 25
Up to 25KG 35

Zone 6: Finland, Sweden

Weight (KG)  Price (euros)
Up to 5 KG 30
Up to 15 KG 35
Up to 25KG 45

Zone 7: Italy, Poland

Weight (KG)  Price (euros)
Up to 5 KG 18 ➡ 15
Up to 10 KG 25 ➡ 20
Up to 25KG 33

Zone 8: Portugal

Weight (KG)  Price (euros)
Up to 15 KG 10
Up to 25KG 12

Zone 9: Spain (Peninsula only)

Weight (KG)  Price (euros)
Up to 5 KG 8
Up to 15 KG 10
Up to 25KG 13


Weight (KG)  Price (euros)
Up to 10 KG 15
Up to 20 KG 25
Up to 30 KG 35
Other destinations in Europe and the rest of the world contact us at contacto@aspanishbite.es
Shipments will not be served in PO boxes.

Free shipping from 250 euros, will always be respecting the maximum weights defined for each country. In the event of breaching this condition, we reserve the right to cancel the order and the management costs (5% of the total) will be deducted from the refund.

Once the shipment has been made, in the event of problems with the order for reasons not attributable to ASB, such as, for example:
  • Incomplete or incorrect address attributable to the client and that cannot be corrected with the agency.
  • Unjustified rejection of the goods at destination when the package is in apparent good condition.
  • The customer is absent at destination and the shipment is not picked up from the agency’s offices within the time limit set by the agency.

In any of these examples or others motivated by the customer, when the goods are returned to origin (taking into account that the return period, sometimes exceeds one month and can be controlled by tracking), once received at our facilities and checked the condition of the product:

– If the merchandise is in perfect condition, we will proceed to the payment of the same discounting the shipping, return and commissions of the payment gateway as well as 30% of the amount of the order as management costs (orders to supplier, packaging, preparation…).

-If the merchandise is deteriorated, manipulated or received at origin expired, the full amount will be deducted.

Once the order has been placed, even if it has not yet been picked up by the transport company, if the customer decides to cancel it, it will be credited minus the amount of the commission of the payment gateway and the management costs (orders to supplier, packaging, preparation…).

Delivery times may be altered by extraordinary incidents of the carrier or difficulties in the delivery at home and are always provided by the agency, are indicative and are never exact or binding.

If you have special needs regarding conditions or delivery date of your order, please contact us at contacto@aspanishbite.es BEFORE  placing your order.

Right of Withdrawal 

In accordance with the provisions of the “Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios”; If the customer wishes to make use of the right of withdrawal, it must be notified within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the order by email to the address contacto@aspanishbite.es. We also inform our customers who wish to make use of this right, that the costs related to the return of the order (transport, packaging, expiration of the products, etc.) are borne by the customer. Upon receipt of the returned goods, we will proceed to refund the amount of the order after verifying that the goods received are as expected and there are no missing products or damage caused by poor packaging. The maximum period for the refund is 14 calendar days and will be made in the same method of payment used.

Incidents in the reception of your shipment

What happens if I receive a package that is not in perfect condition?

It is not always sufficient to pack with the utmost care and dedication using the necessary means for a transport and it is possible that during the journey to your home it may have suffered some damage. accident and does not arrive in the same conditions in which it left A Spanish Bite… how to act in that case?

1.- If the packaging is not in perfect condition, has small DAMAGES or SPOTS. 

   1.1.- ALWAYS STATE THIS ON THE CARRIER’S DELIVERY NOTE. “Packing in bad condition”, “has a knock (or stain, whichever is applicable)”, “Merchandise awaiting inspection”….

   1.2.- Take a photo of the delivery note with your annotation, take a photo of the package and send an e-mail to contacto@aspanishbite.es together with your data (name, address, contact e-mail, order reference and date of the claim) to the following address within 24 hours from the signature of receipt. We will tell you how to proceed in each case.

   1.3.- If, once the package has been opened, one or more products are broken or in poor condition, please proceed   as indicated in point 1.2 and, in addition, include photos of the damaged products as well as a brief explanation/description of the incident.

2.- If the packaging presents bad conditions, BIG DAMAGE, SPILLAGE (spillage of products due to breakage…) directly DO NOT RECEIVE THE PRODUCT.  Write down as cause of refusal “packaging in very bad condition” and communicate it to A Spanish Bite via e-mail to contacto@aspanishbite.es in within 24 hours in order to initiate the necessary steps.

We will not be able to accept claims out of time or that do not comply with the indicated procedure (the agencies are the ones that mark the protocol to be followed and the deadlines for the claim to be admitted).

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