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We ship throughout the European Union using UPS or SEUR (depending on the country, dimensions and weight).

Shipping costs will be calculated before payment is made. These costs are calculated depending on the destination country and weight.

Zone 1: Germany, France

Weight (KG) Price (euros)
Up to 5 KG 12
Up to 15 KG 15
Up to 25KG 20
Up to 30KG 30

Zone 2: Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg

Weight (KG) Price (euros)
Up to 10 KG twenty ➡ 15
Up to 30KG 30 ➡ 25

Zone 3: Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Czechia

Weight (KG) Price (euros)
Up to 10 KG 20
Up to 20 KG 25
Up to 31.5 KG 35

Zone 4: Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania

Weight (KG) Price (euros)
Up to 5 KG 20
Up to 15 KG 25
Up to 25KG 35

Zone 5: Denmark

Weight (KG) Price (euros)
Up to 10 KG 30
Up to 30KG 35

Zone 6: Finland, Sweden

Weight (KG) Price (euros)
Up to 5 KG 30
Up to 15 KG 35
Up to 25KG 45

Zone 7: Italy

Weight (KG) Price (euros)
Up to 5 KG 18 ➡ 12
Up to 10 KG 25 ➡ 15
Up to 25KG 25

Zone 8: Portugal

Weight (KG) Price (euros)
Up to 15 KG 10
Up to 25KG 12
Up to 31.5 KG 14

Zone 9: Spain (Peninsula only)

Weight (KG) Price (euros)
Up to 5 KG 8
Up to 15 KG 10
Up to 25KG 13

Zone 10: United Kingdom TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED –

Weight (KG) Price (euros)
Up to 10 KG 15
Up to 20 KG 25
Up to 30KG 35
Other destinations in Europe and the rest of the world contact us at [email protected]
Shipments will not be served in PO boxes.

Free shipping from 250 euros, will always be respecting the maximum weights defined for each country. In the event of breaching this condition, we reserve the right to cancel the order and the management costs (5% of the total) will be deducted from the refund.

In case of problems with the shipment for reasons not attributable to ASB, such as incomplete or incorrect address, etc … and cannot be corrected with the agency, once the product has been returned to our facilities (this transit may take up to a month or more … it can be consulted with the usual tracking of the shipment) the corresponding payment will be made, deducting from it all the charges caused by the customer’s error such as payment commissions, damaged product, expired, that is not in perfect condition of sale … and the costs of returning the merchandise charged to that shipment by the transport agency.

Delivery times could be altered by extraordinary incidents of the carrier or difficulties in home delivery.

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