White Wine Verdejo Rueda YLLERA 5.5 – 75 cl

White Wine Verdejo Rueda YLLERA 5.5 – 75 cl


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The real frizzante is the Yllera 5.5. Young Verdejo partially fermented, fresh, sweet, powerful in the mouth, with a spark of carbonic and with only 5.5% alcohol.

Serve very cold and enjoy on any occasion, such as appetizers, but it is recommended, without any doubt, to take it with desserts (creams, fruit cakes).


Verdejo Age of the vineyard: 15 – 25 years. Contains sulfur dioxide and sulfites

Alcohol percentage: 5,5 %


Glass bottle 75 cl

Conditions of conservation and use:

Store in a cool, shady (low light) place

Recommended consumption temperature : Serve very cold

Prepared by:

Yllera Group. Wheel. Valladolid( Spain)

Weight 1.39 kg

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