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Fried Tomato Orlando- 350gr

Fried Tomato Orlando- 350gr


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Fried tomato made only with top quality natural ingredients. A recipe rich in fiber and with more tomato content, as well as the way to prepare the sofrito of fresh garlic and onion result in this great product. It preserves the nutritional richness of its ingredients, enhancing the flavor of all its dishes. It is ideal for the whole family for its homogeneous consistency without pieces.

It has no preservatives or dyes. Gluten free


Tomato (160g per 100g Fried tomato), sunflower oil (3.4%) (stir-fried with fresh onions and garlic), sugar, modified corn starch and salt.


Brik of 350gr

Storage conditions:

Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep in a refrigerator and consume before 5 days.

Prepared by:

Heinz Foods Spain. La Rioja ( Spain)

Weight 0,4 kg

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