Lay’s Peasant Chips- 160 gr

Lay’s Peasant Chips- 160 gr


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In the good times, there are things that are always there, like our Lay’s: crispy and irresistible, peasant fries with seasoning prepared with vegetables and spices. Simply delicious!


Potatoes, vegetable oils (corn and sunflower in varying proportions), prepared seasoning of vegetables and spices [lactose (from milk),salt, sugar, flavor enhancers (monosodium glutamate, disodium 5′-ribonucleotide), dextrose, onion powder, ground paprika, tomato powder, garlic powder, parsley, hydrolyzed protein soy,preparations and flavouring substances, acidity correctors (citric acid, malic acid), smoke flavouring, colouring (paprika extract), sweetener (aspartame)). Contiene a source of phenylalanine. P}}}


Bag 160 gr P.N. Packed in protective atmosphere.

Storage conditions:
Store in a cool, dry place.

Prepared by:

PepsiCo Foods Spain. Vitoria ( Spain)

Weight 0.17 kg

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