KNORR Fish Broth – 12 tablets  |  A Spanish Bite
KNORR Fish Broth – 12 tablets

KNORR Fish Broth – 12 tablets


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Dehydrated fish broth with 9% extra virgin olive oil over 21% fat that will add flavor to all your stews

Ingredients: Vegetable salt, fats and oil (21%)(palm fat, fully hydrogenated palm fat, extra virgin olive oil (9%)), flavor enhancers (monosodium glutamate, inosinate and guanilator disodical),FISH powder (5.4%), yeast extract, sugar, spiceias (contains APIsO), SHRIMP flour (0.6%), dehydrated onion, caramel syrup, white wine extract and aromas.


Box 12 pills

Storage conditions:
Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

You can use it for stews, stews, soups, stews, rice, roasts and for all your usual preparations and stews. Our chefs present you with their secret to making your dishes tastier. For a tastier paella… 1. Sauté the ingredients until golden brown 2. Incorporate rice, water and Knorr Fish Broth.3. Cook 20 minutes before serving. Tip: Use Knorr Fish Broth pills to enhance the flavor of your stews. In addition, by dissolving two tablets of Knorr Fish Broth for each liter of water, you will get a base to prepare your soups and broths.

Prepared by:

Unilever. Barcelona (Spain).


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