100% Natural Low Salt Chicken Broth. WHITE HEN 1 LITER

100% Natural Low Salt Chicken Broth. WHITE HEN 1 LITER


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With the Homemade Chicken Broth Low in Salt Gallina Blanca you can enjoy a homemade broth 100% Natural made with care and care as you do. The Homemade Chicken Broth White Hen, Low in Salt and Low in Fat, helps you to have a balanced diet and control your salt intake, without having to give up the flavor. Low-fat, preservative-free and gluten-free


Water, fresh chicken 8.4%, natural aromas (contain egg), celery 0.3%, potato 0.2%, onion 0.1%, carrot 0.1%, leek 0.1%, natural carrot aroma (contains celery), salt, lard and spices. It may contain traces of milk, fish, crustaceans and mollusks.


Brick 1 L

Storage conditions:
Special storage conditions: Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place. Preservation of the product once opened: in the fridge (+4ºC), maximum 4 days and in the freezer ***(-18ºC)

How to use: Shake before serving.

Prepared by:

Gallina Blanca, S.A.Barcelona (Spain).


Weight 1,068 kg

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