Milk Weikis LA BELLA EASO- 240GR  |  A Spanish Bite
Milk Weikis LA BELLA EASO- 240GR

Milk Weikis LA BELLA EASO- 240GR

3,69  IVA incl.

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Tender bun that being individually packaged, is ideal for your children to take as breakfast or snack:

The perfect way to replenish energy!


Flours (42%) (wheat, rye, barley, rice and oats), water, milk chocolate chips (12%) (sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, lactose, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), flavouring (vanillin)), pasteurized liquid egg, glucose and fructose syrup, vegetable fat (palm), sugar, vegetable oil (soy), skimmed milk powder (2.7%)*, emulsifiers (monoglycerides and diglycerides of fatty acids, E 472e (wheat), E 481 (wheat)), flavourings (wheat), yeast, salt, wheat gluten, flour treatment agent (E 3)(wheat) and antioxidant (E 36). *Equivalent to 2% reconstituted skimmed milk.


Bag 240 gr

Prepared by:

Bimbo Donuts Iberia S.A.U.. Zaragoza ( Spain)


Weight 0,25 kg

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