Broth for Paella GALLINA BLANCA -1 LITER  |  A Spanish Bite
Broth for Paella GALLINA BLANCA -1 LITER

Broth for Paella GALLINA BLANCA -1 LITER


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Always get a great taste in your paellas in the easiest way with the Broth for Easy Seafood Paella.

A 100% Natural Fish and Seafood Broth without preservatives with a touch of sofrito to enhance the flavor.


Fish and seafood broth 95% (water, tomato 12.8%, Huelva shrimp 0.3%, cod 0.1%, salt, natural flavorings (contain fish, crustaceans and celery), natural seafood aroma (contain fish and crustaceans) and spices. Sofrito 5% (onion 69%, garlic 19.5%, olive oil). It may contain traces of huevo, leche andmoluscos.


Brick 1 L

How to use: Shake before serving. OPTIONAL Sauté the fish and seaside to your liking. 2- Add 250 g of rice and brown it with the oil. 3. Add the brick of Caldo Paella Fácil and keep it boiling for 20 minutes (10 over high heat and another 10 at a lower heat). Shake before serving.

Prepared by:

Gallina Blanca, S.A.Barcelona (Spain).


Weight 1,068 kg

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